Why Fresh Is Best

D&D Pet Foods premium pet food contains nothing but high quality fresh raw meat which is highly digestible and makes your pet feel fuller for longer rather than supermarket foods that mostly contain meat by products, or even non meat based products, fillers, and a lot of water.

The quality of D&D’s premium pet food is high with regards to the “meat” used as the number one ingredient.

Dogs living on a canned food diet tend to require more dental cleaning, often causes loose stools and more bathroom needs as canned food contains so much moisture. Canned food tends to have a low-calorie count which means dogs need to eat more of it to get the nutrients and calories they need.

Pet food diets with a very high vegetable content tend to have lower digestibility factor for dogs because of their indigestible fibre content, whereas the digestibility of meat-based diets is usually very high. Eating raw food keeps a dog’s digestive system fit and healthy. When a dog’s digestive system goes to work digesting raw food, his digestive system is exercised, which helps it stay strong and healthy.

The added benefit of a raw diet is less in… less out, and it generally results in a more solid, near-odourless faeces. Healthier skin, cleaner teeth, and improved digestion. Raw food goes over really well, even with picky eaters.

Cooked Pet Food

At D&D Pet Foods we make our own range of cooked pet food. There are 7 varieties of cooked meats, offering your dog a great choice and a varied diet in cooked dog food.

All varieties contain only the freshest meats and vegetables available, mixed with whole meal grains, rice, garlic, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and natural oils, cooked to perfection.

Our cooked pet foods are designed for your dog’s inner health, coat, and wellbeing. After 2-3 weeks you will notice an amazing difference with your dog’s temperament, coat, and stools.

D&D Pet Foods cooked pet food is available in buckets of 2.4kg and 5kg. A refundable deposit is paid on the bucket at the first purchase.

Simply return the bucket (in a clean sanitary condition) each time you purchase more food and pay only the food price on future purchases.

Environmentally friendly with no packaging waste!

The varieties of our cooked dog meats are:

  • beef, chicken, and vegetable
  • chicken and vegetable
  • beef and vegetable
  • lamb and vegetable
  • chicken, lamb, and vegetable
  • lamb, beef, and vegetable
  • steak, kidney, and vegetable

Raw Pet Food

D&D Pet Foods process and supply our own range of fresh pet meats for your dog, cat, and other meat-eating pets.

Our Raw food range includes:

  • Fresh pure Beef mince
  • Fresh minced whole chicken
  • Fresh whole Kangaroo
  • Fresh minced Kangaroo
  • Raw Wild Dog mix
  • Raw Wild Cat

Here at D&D we make our very own raw food mix known as Raw Wild Dog Rolls. Our Wild Dog rolls are a great mix of freshly grounded meats with ground marrow bone, fruit, vegetables, calcium, Vitamins, Fish oil, Kelp and Livamol. Your pet should eat a variety of foods to maintain well-balanced nutrition and for that reason, veggies should make no more than 10% of your pup’s daily calorie intake.

Our range of Wild Dog rolls

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Veal
  • Kangaroo
  • Fish
  • Puppy

Wild Cat Rolls

  • Roo
  • Chicken

This is a balanced raw meal for your best friend and is a super popular choice with our customers who prefer a complete raw diet for their dogs.

Our wild dog mix is freshly made, packaged, and snapped frozen to seal in all the goodness in 1kg rolls. We deliver our raw pet food in many areas of Victoria. For delivery click on the link below. Check our terms and conditions on delivery to see whether your delivery is free.

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