How It Works

At Pet Foods Delivered, we create quality fresh pet food products that your pets will love to eat.

We also supply a wide range of your typical pet products and deliver it all directly to your door. You’re able to order via our website as you go, or setup a convenient recurring order so your furry or feathered loved ones never miss out.

The way our fresh pet food deliveries work

Please check our delivery timetable below for your post code, if you can’t find your post code then please contact the office on 9786 4603 to speak with one of our staff members.

There are no deliveries on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, if an order is placed it will arrive on your next week’s delivery day. If an order is made online on a MONDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY for a Tuesday delivery it will be delivered the following Tuesday, so you need to get your order in on the Friday before 5pm prior to the MONDAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

Delivery of products will be made by D&D Pet Foods, if in our delivery areas, all other deliveries will be shipped. See delivery area map.  Delivery of fresh and frozen products are available only in our specified delivery areas by our drivers. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide correct delivery details and to have someone available to accept delivery or to provide a suitable drop point. Orders must be placed before 5pm on MONDAYS, with the exception to TUESDAY DELIVERIES must be placed NO LATER than 11am on MONDAYS to allow for packing and delivery placement.

Any costs associated with repeated delivery attempts will be the responsibility of the customer. Delivery can only be made to the areas specified in the Delivery Timetable below.

Any delivery time is an estimate only. Deliveries commence at 2.00am daily, a suitable drop point and cooler must be allocated for all deliveries after this time. A late delivery does not constitute a failure of delivery nor entitle any person to compensation or cancellation of the order. D&D Pet Foods is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered due to a late or failed delivery.

We can also offer you automatic weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc delivery of your pet food making it totally hassle free. We also offer automatic credit card debit if required. To set up simply call or email.

Find out when we deliver to your area

Enter your postcode below then click check availability.

Delivery Details

We have tried to address many of the typical questions we receive in our FAQ page, so we’ll just cover a couple of the key points here:

  • For our fresh meat products, delivery is free! (well, for all orders over $60)
  • For our cooked food products, a small $3.00 deposit will be included in the initial order for the returnable bucket
  • If you need to make a change to a recurring order, our online customer portal provides you with a range of options (perfect to adjust if you’re going on holiday or there’s an up-and-coming public holiday)