Stray Dog Dog Training Clicker


Clicker-training is fun and effective, and fast becoming the preferred method of training dogs

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This item is well made of premium material for durable and practical use. .
The shape of water droplets in the hands of the very comfortable, stable sound, easy to identify the button, shrapnel stainless steel shell is not deformed, durable, no rust. .
The clicker can not only train dogs, but also train cats, birds, chickens, sheep and even mice. Is your essential training tool for sensitive pets. .
This Training Clicker will have the clear sound when pressing the big button, it’s the fun way to communicate with pets according to scientific records. Scientific method of training your pet safely and easily be used to train basic dog obedience, small trick, and correct bad behavior.

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 19 × 10 × 3 cm