Lifewise Biotic Low Fat

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BIOTIC LOW FAT with turkey, oats & vegetables for dogs. A nutritional aid for dogs suffering gastric distress, hyperlipidaemia or pancreatitis

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Built on a base of high-quality Turkey protein, this superbly balanced food contains a blend of essential nutrients that nourish the body whilst acting to assist in the reduction of inflammatory responses. It is particularly useful for animals suffering or recovering from gastric distress, high blood fat disorders, or inflammatory disorders such as pancreatitis. The underlying cause of disorders of this type is a reduction of diversity in the gut microbiome, and the advanced LifeWise nutritional technology provides nutritional support for rebuilding those microbial populations. BIOTIC Low Fat can be fed whenever a reduced fat diet is indicated. Transition to this food slowly, and if in doubt as to the appropriateness, please consult your veterinary adviser prior to use.

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