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Buy 5 of our 5kg Buckets of cooked food pay only for 4

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Buy 5 of our 5kg Buckets of cooked food pay only for 4
All Varieties of Cooked Meats contain the freshest meats and vegetables available mixed with whole meal grains, ground bone, rice, garlic, calcium, vitamins, minerals and natural oils cooked to perfection and delivered fresh to your door.
Our buckets are specifically designed for your dog’s inner health, coat and well being, after 2 to 3 weeks you will notice an amazing difference with your dog’s temperament, coat and stools.
We deliver our freshly cooked food to thousands of happy customers every week .Give it a go, you will be surprised of the difference in your pet.
Our home cooked food is very simple FRESH, its REAL and it is EVERYTHING YOUR DOG NEEDS.
Suitable for puppies from 4-12 weeks, depending on breed size. A healthy dog is a happy dog!
$3.00 deposit for the bucket still applies. Return the empty bucket to our driver, or leave out with your Esky at each delivery and a $3.00 credit will be placed on your account.
May contain bone fragments.