Calming Bed


Ultra-soft raised outer edge for extra coziness.

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Support better sleep and ease your dog’s anxiety with the Calming beds.

Ultra-soft raised outer edge for extra coziness.

Plush, Luxurious, Comfy and Calming. Available in 3 sizes: Small 50cm, Medium 70cm, and Large 100cm

Anxiety is common in dogs, with 1 in 4 experiencing it daily. Leaving your dog alone causes a build-up of stress which ultimately can lead to destructive tendencies and behavioural problems, affected appetite and a reduced life span. With the Anti Anxiety Calming Beds: Sleep is vital for your dogs health! Dogs sleep throughout the day but only spend around 10% of their rest in deep sleep. Better supporting their daily sleep schedule by giving them a more comfortable and calming sleep environment will contribute to better resting and a happier, calmer and healthier pet.

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